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Top Destinations in India for Business Trips by Train

In the modern era, business tourism has emerged as a core facility that an organization will offer its employees. It helps in building reliable relationships amongst the employees and different organizations. Moreover, relevant business tourism also helps in determining smart working and loyal employees of the entire organization. It also enables learning about the team management skills of your workers while making them satisfied simultaneously.  

Since the advent of the global pandemic, business travel has become important due to the ever-emerging trend of virtual offices. If you have a business trip, you can think of traveling by train through Indian Railways. It is recommended to opt for the convenient method of Indian Railway ticket booking through a reliable platform like Trainman.  

Some of the best destinations in India wherein you can travel by train for business trips are: 

  • Bengaluru: Bengaluru is regarded as the IT hub of the country. The entire city has a beautiful landscape featuring common grounds for conferences, industry exhibitions, training programs, and product demonstrations. The entire city is well-equipped with the latest and smart technology, several useful facilities, and advanced training centers. Moreover, the city is close to some of the most scenic and natural beauties across the Western Ghats.  
  • Delhi: It is the capital city of India. It is one of the perfect destinations for business tourism. Delhi is also a heritage hub and a well-known shopping destination. There are several corporate centers and international hotels that enhance the stays of those traveling for business. You can easily arrive in Delhi through the Indian Railways network. It is because the capital city is well-connected by the extensive rail network to all possible parts of the nation. 
  • Hyderabad: It is yet another emerging technology and IT hub of the country. It is a leading choice for business owners to arrange conferences and meetings. As a business owner, you can look forward to attending HICC or Hyderabad International Convention Center and HITEX or Hyderabad International Trade Expositions Limited are India’s and world’s leading business meeting centers. Moreover, there are several international hotels and high-end centers to conduct business deals.  

India is home to a wide range of business-centric cities to support the notion of modern business. You can travel to different business destinations across the country through Indian Railways. Opt for Indian Railway train booking through a reliable platform. 

Indian Railways Ticket Booking Hacks You Should Know About 

Do you wish to ensure Indian Railway reservation online? Indian Railways keeps coming up with new rules & regulations with respect to train ticket booking online and offline services. If you wish to be assured of a seamless journey, it is recommended to know about some helpful Indian Railways train booking tips that can help you go a long way ahead.  

Whether you are using the train ticket booking app or booking your tickets offline, there are several ways in which you can book tickets easily and quickly. There is no denying the fact that booking tickets on Indian Railways can be a difficult process. Due to the high demands in all seasons, it is difficult to get yourself a reserved seat -especially when you are booking 2-3 days prior to the date of travel. 

For your ease, we have come up with interesting hacks to ensure easy and quick Indian Railways train booking: 

  • Log in Before Booking Starts: When you are executing train ticket booking online, you should not aim at losing any precious moment. You can save ample time by logging in before the booking process starts. Log in to the official website of Indian Railways -IRCTC a few minutes before the booking process will commence. At the same time, it is also recommended to log in from a single device to avoid any confusion or mistakes during the booking procedure. 
  • Keep the Details Ready: Upon selecting the seats, when you enter details like personal information and contact information separately, it will increase your chances of losing on confirmed reservations. Someone else with saved personal details can book the seats before you do. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your personal details handy -either in Notepad or WordPad. This allows you to simply copy & paste essential details into the IRCTC website directly.  

You can also think of creating a master list on your IRCTC account -including your personal details like ID card number, type, name, age, berth, and food preference. When you do so, this information can be auto-filled on the respective reservation page. 

  • Save Payment Details: One of the most time-consuming aspects of Indian Railways ticket booking online is completing the payment. You can save your card details to automatically detect information and ensure success in your railway ticket booking. 

Make use of secure and reliable Indian Railways ticket booking hacks to get access to confirmed tickets. 

Guidelines to Prevent Any Complications During Your Train Journey 

The majority of people in India get about by using trains. The rail network that serves India is the fourth-largest of its kind in the whole globe. Comfortable travel on the train is something that everyone hopes to achieve throughout their time spent riding. People are often bothered by the noise on the train, the checking of their tickets, and the movement of other passengers in relation to their seats. 

Do you realize that no one can bother you until you give them permission to do so? It is against the norms of the Railways for anybody, including the Ticket Examiner (TTE), of the Railway, to verify your indian railways online Ticket booking while they are asleep. Permit us to enlighten you about these railroad regulations.

  • After 10 o’clock in the evening, TTE cannot verify tickets.

The Travel Ticket Examiner (TTE) will visit you at some point during your trip in order to collect the ticket from you. On several occasions, he would shake you up in the middle of the night and request that you provide your identification or ticket. But, let us inform you, even TTE cannot annoy you after 10 pm. TTE is only needed to authenticate the tickets between the hours of six in the morning and ten at night. No passenger may be disturbed after resting at night. The Railway Board has provided us with this guidance.

However, this regulation of the Railway Board will not be enforced against passengers who are on their way after 10 o’clock at night. In other words, if you are still riding the train after 10 o’clock at night, the TTE will be able to examine your ticket and your identification.

  • After 10 o’clock, passengers are allowed to sleep in the middle bunk.

The laws of the railroads state that a passenger who has a middle berth may only sleep in their berth between the hours of ten at night and six in the morning. To put it another way, if a passenger wishes to prevent the middle berth from opening before 10 p.m., you have the authority to do so. At the same time, after six o’clock in the morning, the berth will need to be lowered in order to make room for more people on the lower berth. Because the individuals in the middle berth often have issues and the people in the lower berth frequently remain up until late in the night, the regulation states that you may retrieve your seat at 10:00 p.m.

  • Rule of two stops

In the event that you are late for your train, TTE will not be able to reassign your indian railways online Ticket booking to another customer for the next two stops or for the following hour (whichever is earlier). This indicates that you will be able to board the train at either of the two subsequent stations. When the TTE has passed three stops, they have the right to give the seat to the next person on the RAC list if there are seats available.

Useful tips to get confirmed tickets on IRCTC

When it comes to the most economical and pleasant means of transportation, trains are your best option. However, getting a confirmed train ticket for your trip to the ideal location or back to your home over the holidays is equally troublesome. There is, however, always a way to get confirmed irctc online ticket booking.

Here are a few tips to help you receive a confirmed ticket to your desired location throughout the booking process. In addition, there are several strategies that might help you get Tatkal tickets for your whole family while you’re on the road.

IRCTC is an excellent platform for purchasing train tickets; therefore let’s get started with some of the best ways to secure a confirmed ticket.

  1. Make adjustments to the stations’ origin and destination.

A confirmed train ticket may be obtained in this manner, and it is one of the simplest. Just add one or two stations before or after the original source and destination stations to your source or destination stations. There are a few situations when you may have to pay a bit more or a little less for a confirmed train ticket.

  1. As a second option, divide the travel into smaller sections.

To maximize your chances of acquiring a guaranteed ticket, just split your travel into two or three segments on the same train. Only if you’re on the train for an extended period of time and there are a few large stops in the way may this be of value to you

  1. Save your IRCTC information and the information of other passengers.

After you’ve entered all of the relevant trip information in the process to irctc online ticket booking, you’ll need to fill out the passenger information, which will take some time. Even if you’re a pro-typist, it takes a lot of time to enter the information for several passengers, even if you’re able to type quickly. So, you may store your information on IRCTC and avoid having to enter it again when you want to purchase a train ticket.

  1. Checkout using a less complicated payment method.

The IRCTC Rail Connect app and the IRCTC website both provide a variety of payment options to choose from when purchasing a ticket. For a small percentage of users, this will be a godsend; for the vast majority, it will be a complete headache. So, go with the easiest way of payment. IRCTC iPay is the best choice if you use a credit or debit card or UPI to make payments.

So, there you have it: a few methods for securing a confirmed train ticket. In order to get a confirmed train ticket, you need to bear in mind and implement all of the tips provided.

A confirmed ticket isn’t always guaranteed since you never know exactly how many other people are interested in traveling on the same trip. However, by using all of these strategies, your chances of obtaining a confirmed ticket are greatly increased.

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Things involved in making Reservations and ticketing booking

Do you need to know about the railway ticket booking process? Unlike air travel, railway transportation considers the same ticketing and reservation processes. In Indian railways train booking, there is no delay or distinction between booking and receiving a train ticket. Customer-facing elements that make it easy for customers to select, pay for, use and print tickets are included in ticketing functionality. The pursuing are some of the many important ticketing implementations in modern reservation systems. Let’s discuss the things involved in making Reservations and ticketing bookings:

Special service requests

SSRs, or special service requests, are made by travellers with disabilities and special requirements at the time of booking to let the provider know how they can prepare. Such requests are typically caused by phone or by speaking with someone at the station in the railway sector. However, there are better ways to do it, such as including an online form in the booking process. Indian railways train booking has another options for improving the booking experience include such as seat maps, email, SMS, or in-app notifications, numerous payment choices integration, easy rebooking and cancellation capabilities, and automated refunds are all features of the loyalty programme.

Advanced search capabilities

One of the most notable trends in travel sales nowadays is to enable clients to organise their entire journey on your platform, rather than just searching for a suitable alternative. This technology gathers more information about the consumer to adapt outcomes to their specific requirements. This can be accomplished by rules for displaying the fastest routes for clients who checked the travelling on business box or smart algorithms that collect explicit and implicit data to generate the best-fit offers.

Customer profile management

The experience is driven by customer profiles, which allow customers to effortlessly switch between channels, save previous searches and payment methods, manage the rewards programme, and much more. And the provider’s worth is almost limitless. When it comes to targeting specific ideas and pricing them effectively, railway operators who don’t know their clients are at a disadvantage. Client profiles are an excellent source of customer information.

Revenue management and ancillary revenue

Revenue management (RM) is a set of approaches for boosting revenue by regulating product availability and price. It has been successfully implemented in the airline and hotel industries, and it can be successfully used for rail operators as well. Though there is still a lack of study in this area and implementations are based on other industries, effective instances and solutions provide revenue optimization for the passenger train.

Wrapping it up

Finally, the above given are about the things involved in making Reservations and ticketing bookings. When booking the train ticket, you can easily book the ticket without facing any difficulties if you consider these things.

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How to Cancel Your online train ticket booking?

You can undoubtedly cancel your e-Tickets online through the Trainman app. This application allows you to cancel the e-ticket completely or to some degree. By following these simple tasks, you can make online train ticket cancellation: 

  • Login to your Trainman 
  • Go to ”My Transactions” and snap on the ”Booking History’ interface on the menu bar. 
  • Click on Cancel ticket.” 
  • Select the specific ticket to be cancelled and click on the ”cancel ticket’ choice. 
  • Select the checkbox before the traveler’s name you need to cancel and tap on the cancel ticket.” 
  • A confirmation pop-up box will be displayed. Click the “okay” button to confirm the last abrogation of the train ticket. 
  • Your ticket will get canceled effectively. 
  • On the off chance that it is a, to some extent, cancelled ticket, you will get another ERS to show to the TTE during the train venture. 

The amount shown on the screen will be discounted on the effective train ticket booking or canceling. A confirmation message for ticket cancellation will be sent on the enlisted mobile number, and a mail will be sent on the registered email ID. 

Rules of train ticket booking and cancellation: 

  • An e-Ticket must be canceled online via an app and isn’t permitted to be canceled through PRS counters. 
  • Confirmed e-Tickets can be canceled as long as 4 hours before the planned train journey. 
  • RAC and Waitlisted e-Tickets can be canceled as long as 30 minutes before the planned trip. 

IRCTC Online Booking Cancellation Refund Rules 

Prior to dropping your internet-based train booking, you should know some of the IRCTC discount rules: 

  • After the cancellation of your train ticket booking, you will have the money in question returned after deduction of basic charges. 
  • For e-Tickets booked online through Trainman, the cancellation amount will be discounted to the record, which was used for making the payment at the hour of booking. 
  • Cancel a confirmed ticket in excess of 48 hrs before the planned takeoff of the train: The IRCTC ticket abrogation charges will be deducted at Rs240 for 1 AC Class/Executive Class, Rs 200 for 2 AC Tier/First Class, Rs 180 for 3 AC Tier/AC Chair Car/AC 3 Economy, Rs120 for Sleeper Class and Rs 60 for Second Class. 
  • Cancel the confirmed ticket within 48 hrs and as long as 12 hours before the planned departure of the train: The train ticket cancellation out charges will be 25% of the passage, under 12 hours and before 4 hours to the booked boarding of the train. 

How Are e-Tickets Different From I-Tickets? 

The primary difference between e-tickets and I-tickets-Railway e-Tickets are paperless electronic tickets, and I-Tickets (Internet tickets) are an adaptation of paper tickets. This was started by Indian Railways for individuals who don’t approach ticket booking counters to book counter tickets or to print e-Tickets. Travelers with access to the internet can book e-tickets through the Trainman app.

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PNR, a ten digits number, is a necessary record for every Indian Railway passenger. It helps provide a better traveller experience for the railway passengers as pnr status records their journey details like train number and seat number, class on which the passenger is travelling, etc. The system synchronizes the data from all the reservation offices across the country and updates the information on a real-time basis. The PNR Status includes the train number, the Reservation number, and whether or not it’s a waitlisted seat. If you’re looking for a modern and convenient way to explore India, Trainman is your go-to destination railway booking partner.  

How to check your PNR status? 

You can check your pnr status by putting the PNR number in the check PNR status section, then clicking the button. After clicking the button, the current status of your train ticket shows up, along with other details related to your journey. The PNR number is visible at the center of the e-ticket and in the top left corner of the paper ticket. 


You can also check your pnr status from the comfort of your smartphone with the help of Trainman mobile app. This app provides you with the PNR status of your train and includes all information about your train journey.   

PNR status checking through SMS 

Sign up for the ‘PNR train status’ SMS service and get information about PNR delivered right to your inbox. To get the PNR train status delivered right into your inbox, you need to use the numbers 139 or 5676747 for sending SMS.  

Inquiry about PNR status 

  1. You can visit the new website at  
  1. Travellers can get pnr status updates by texting 139 or 5676747 numbers provided by the Indian Railways. 
  1. Alternatively, you can also check train status by physically visiting the Railway Enquiry Counter. 
  1. Final reservation charts are prepared three hours in advance before the final departure. You can check your PNR status from this chart also. 

Different types of PNR status 

  1. If a ticket is confirmed, CNF denotes it. CAN stands for CANCELLED tickets. 
  1. WL stands for the waiting list. 
  1. RAC denotes Reservation against cancellation. 
  1. The general waiting list GNWL is a type of waitlist open to all applicants regardless of their initial application status or waiting list rank. 
  1. Pooled Quota Waiting List (PQWL). 
  1. Remote location waiting list. 
  1. Tatkal quota waiting list. 
  1. No seat berth quota is allowed for children aged between five to twelve years. 

Summary – Trainman provides a live pnr status check feature that you can use to verify your information and get a status update. This feature can be used to confirm a passenger’s identity before the passenger boards a train. Trainman does not store or record any of your data, so this information is entirely confidential.  


Quickest and the most efficient means of transportation in India:  

The railways are India’s best and most cost-effective mode of transportation! The fascinating way to see India is not from a plane at 35,000 feet, but from the ground level, via the excellent Indian train system. Indeed, it allows you to be surrounded by new people who share different experiences, play games, and engage in other activities. 

Maybe that’s why you tie flies when you’re on the road! We Indians are surrounded by connectivity and accessibility, which is not an exaggeration! And with the beginning of Indian railway online ticket booking system, things have become more accessible. In India, every journey begins with the preliminary step of purchasing a train ticket. The hustle and bustle of a railway station, complete with tea vendors shouting about tea down below, is a must-do on any trip to India. 

It works with the IRCTC app and has proven to be the most reliable boarding method for your journey. And this fact does not raise any eyebrows. When combined with IRCTC’s facilities and comprehensive services, the modern version of Indian railways is even better. So much so that travelers can now order food to be delivered to their preferred station and receive real-time assistance if needed. 

What choose Indian railway online ticket booking  

The online ticket booking process is an easy and efficient one. Besides, the users can take detailed pictures of everything under a single window. With the plethora of facilities and accessibility across all the states of India, the railway has become the topmost priority for Indian folklore.  

Even the foreigners also look forward to this mesmerizing experience. Besides, Indian consumers can easily buy train tickets through windows like Paytm in addition to the official websites and apps. However, IRCTC is the first point of contact for bookings, offering various services. This Web platform is the Indian railway ticket booking portal, which assists travelers in booking train tickets and provides access to other apps that can help with various tasks. 

Why do people prefer railways? 

Railways have a large customer base because they have a monopoly on the rail network. Catering to such an extensive network is not an easy game. Therefore, people choose it for its accessibility and the ability to cater to every income group across the country.  

The bottom line: 

A long line to pick up tickets at the station is now a thing of the past! Many tasks, such as Indian railway online ticket booking or transferring money to someone, can now be completed from the comfort of one’s own home using the Internet. Thanks to the digital revolution of the twenty-first century! 

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Appealing reasons to consider online ticket bookings 

The most stressful element of the journey is getting the ticket purchase done! There are multiple problems associated with this process- ranging from getting the availability to finding the favourable seat.

Furthermore, if you are doing it at the last minute, you might not know when the confirmation will arrive. Another crucial factor to consider is whether or not to reserve a waitlisted ticket. But despite so many complexities- giving up is not the ideal choice.

Several processes in India have gone online as a result of continuous digitalisation! In this change, Indian railways have also joined the race! Imagine- you might be able to anticipate the chances of a ticket being verified using a Prediction tool or an app.  

With the multiple options of train ticket booking, travel plans have become much more compatible and easier to process. No industry can afford to be slow at any front. Therefore, the best way out is to go digital! Even if you have a trip planned for three months in the future, you know you can do it all on your smartphone. All you need to do is download the relevant apps.  

Here are various additional features that make these apps notable: 

  • Easy payment options: online booking platforms has easy and popular payment options. So, you can easily make the payments with associated wallets, net banking, etc. 
  • Station Alarm: This function will notify you when you are about to arrive at your destination. Input the station name, the number of kilometres you wish to be alerted for, then select Set Alarm. 
  • Of the so many advantages of mobile train ticket booking, the greatest is that you can check the status of your train, whenever you want. Besides, you can book the tickets from the comfort of your home, without going to the station, and standing in long queues. 
  • Refund Calculator: Using this function, you can determine how much of a refund you are entitled to in the event of ticket cancellation. 
  • A few apps have separate Entertainment sections where the users may read online news, watch movies, listen to radios, and even play online games.

There is not just one reason responsible for mobile bookings’ popularity. Convenience is just one factor! Other factors include the economies and savings associated with train ticket booking.  Various apps offer discounts and cashback, making the process more economical and budget-friendly. The wave of digitalisation is all across the nation, and showering benefits all users. Therefore, if you too are planning a trip anytime soon- look for these intelligent options. 

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Critical Aspects Of Booking Tickets Through IRCTC

Tour and activity operators can now use IRCTC ticket booking platforms to bring their businesses into the twenty-first century. When you combine technology with old-fashioned customer service, your company gains a competitive advantage in selling services and filling activities. However, before deciding on a provider, think about the benefits and drawbacks of using an online booking system to ensure the software is perfect for you. Customers who book a tour or a rental don’t want to wait for you to get out of the office; they want to schedule the activity on their own time.

Why use online ticket booking IRCTC Train Tickets?

  • Cancellations and refunds of IRCTC train tickets
  • Increase your chances of receiving confirmed IRCTC train tickets using our same train alternates and forecast feature.
  • Predictions for IRCTC waiting tickets and other choices
  • IRCTC ticket booking is safe and secure.
  • Payments on online train bookings are exceptionally secure because of the use of UPI. Easy UPI and other payment options are available.
  • You can get a full refund on IRCTC railway tickets by using free cancellation services.
  • IRCTC Booking & Enquiry Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 08068243910 for any IRCTC train inquiry or booking-related questions.
  • Train status and notifications for your IRCTC train tickets are updated in real-time.

Train Tickets Can Be Purchased effortlessly online

Traveling by rail is India’s most convenient means of transportation, with over a thousand routes linking cities. Train travel is a sweet spot for discriminating travelers because of the combination of price, convenience, and speed. With IRCTC railway booking technology, travelers can search routes, check fares, and book train tickets. You may also use the IRCTC app to book train tickets quickly and easily. A vacation across India should be enjoyable and straightforward to plan. As a result, IRCTC offers a hassle-free and straightforward rail ticket booking process. IRCTC allows you to book train tickets from the convenience of your own home.

Final thoughts

IRCTC train booking and inquiry is underpinned by a proprietary and efficient algorithm that anticipates your IRCTC PNR in seconds using past data. It might also help you decide whether or not to book rail tickets if the train is in the queue. We can assist you in making your IRCTC rail ticket booking a pleasant experience. On IRCTC online booking portal, you may get incorrigible IRCTC railway tickets. You can even predict PNR confirmation status after purchasing a train ticket and learn about all of your options for obtaining a confirmed train ticket for your train reservation.

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