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The advantages of taking TOEFL over IELTS

Nowadays, students can access educational options outside their town, city, state, or even country. Both undergraduate and graduate degree candidates choose to pursue their education abroad. Studying abroad is now simpler than ever, thanks to the internet’s wealth of alternatives. The essential requirement for students who wish to pursue their education overseas is to pass the required entrance tests. It is a requirement for international students from non-English-speaking nations who wish to enroll in universities overseas to submit their results from an English language competency test. Many of you doubt which is best? When it comes to TOEFL vs IELTS both are good, but among them TOEFL offers more benefits. Here you can see the advantages of taking TOEFL over IELTS:

Improve your English skills

One of the most effective strategies to raise your English proficiency is to prepare for the TOEFL exam. Your ability to read, write, listen, and talk in English will be tested in a variety of topics of the exam. By preparing for these exams, you will improve your English communication skills, pick up new terminology, and feel more at ease while speaking and writing in the language. Good English communication skills will be required if you want to work or study at an English-speaking institution. You can develop the English abilities required for success with TOEFL instruction. Many of you don’t know about the TOEFL vs IELTS. Compared to IELTS, TOEFL aids in the development of effective communication skills.

Globally Recognized 

Many universities and colleges accept the TOEFL test, recognized in more than 130 countries worldwide. The top English-speaking nations require a minimum TOEFL score for visa applicants. Your chances in the English-speaking world grow when you take the TOEFL. The ability to communicate effectively in English is essential for success in any company, and admissions officers and employers worldwide are aware of this. Regarding TOEFL vs IELTS, the TOEFL test score is accepted by many countries.

To get a good score

Students will get good scores in TOEFL compared to IELTS. Fair scoring on the speaking exam is one feature of the TOEFL that distinguishes it from other exams. A single examiner typically grades other speaking assessments in an informal interview setting. However, when taking the TOEFL, you will hear recorded questions and answer them by speaking into a microphone. As many as six different raters will grade your comments. Many test-takers favor this objective scoring system. You may wonder why this TOEFL vs IELTS debate is happening over the years. But the truth is both has its own advantages.

Most preferred score

Since the TOEFL exam is much more accessible than the ILETS, taking it is quite convenient. Over 165 countries offer the TOEFL, with 4,500 testing locations worldwide. The test can also be completed in a single day, making preparation simple. Given the popularity of the TOEFL exam, there are a variety of courses you may take to help you get ready. You may finish your TOEFL preparation in the top institute, where you will get the kind of instruction required to earn a high score.

Multiple choices of questions

The questions on the reading and listening parts of the TOEFL are another feature that distinguishes it from other exams. Related to ILETS most of the questions on the TOEFL are multiple-choice. This implies that you won’t have to come up with your solutions. Instead, you will pick your response from a menu of alternatives.

Good opportunities available after TOEFL

You will have a better chance of getting admitted into the English-speaking university or college of your choice if you have a strong TOEFL score. A high TOEFL score demonstrates to admissions officers that you have the potential to thrive at your university. Enhancing your professional options is another beautiful reason to take the TOEFL. To be considered for job openings, many firms and corporations around the world demand that applicants have a strong TOEFL score. Relate to ILETS that taking the TOEFL exam will help you if you wish to improve your opportunities in the English-speaking world.

Home test options

To improve the overall test experience, the TOEFL test has undergone a number of improvements in the last year. When taking the TOEFL iBT special home edition, students can take advantage of all of them. It now takes less than three hours to finish the test after it was initially cut by 30 minutes. Although there are fewer questions in each test segment, the test structure is unchanged.

Summing it up

Hopefully, you will learn about the advantages of taking TOEFL over IELTS. IELTS and TOEFL scores are both significant however, TOEFL scores have many advantages over IELTS and are accepted in more countries.

STEM Learning Toys- Benefits, and Tips to Select the Right Toy

Kids love to play with toys, and there is hardly any house with children that do not have toys in it. Play is a remarkable exercise for kids, and it can be made even better if your kids will develop some significant skills all through play. That is where STEM learning toys come into the picture because they are helpful for your kids in developing additional skills when playing.  

What Are STEM Learning Toys and their Benefits?  

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) toys are meant to be informative, supporting children to think differently and be more innovative. These toys are made to increase your kid’s curiosity and provoke his creativity. There are many factors affecting growth and development in the child, and STEM toys help develop several skills in them. 


Experts and child psychotherapists believe that the earlier kids come into contact with STEM toys, the better. Some of the benefits are:  

  1. When your kids play with these toys, they learn to overcome diverse issues by thinking and using their intellect. As the games provide many challenges that will support kids to find solutions to win, they understand to confront struggles and become more self-reliant in their thought.  
  1. Since STEM educational toys help kids build thinking, they are also useful in learning creativity. It needs creativity and intelligence to get a solution that is straightaway when resolving problems.  
  1. When children play with STEM toys, they will never see Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths as tough subjects.  
  1. Parents should put efforts into making learning a fun experience. STEM toys make their task easier in this sense, and the skills developed during these learning sessions will be retained for a whole life.  
  1. STEM toys help kids with growing their motor coordination skills. If you give these toys to children, they will become very competitive and attain more confidence.  

Selecting the Right STEM Toys for Your Kids  

There are various types of STEM toys available in the market. So, you need to make sure that the toys you choose for your kids are age-related. All STEM toys should be interdependent and something that your kid is concerned with. If your kid is not interested in a definite toy, he will never play with it. When this takes place, the learning possibility is lost.  


STEM toys provide all-round growth in your kids and improve different skills. With various STEM learning toys for all ages of kids, you would not get it difficult to provide a toy that matches your child’s requirements and age. 

Fun math toys for 5-year-olds

Children’s toys make for excellent playmates. They never stop having fun with it. According to some parents, toys may be a source of boredom and laziness for kids. But if you pack them some educational math toy like fidget digit multiplication machine, that are also enjoyable, you’ll get them moving around and stimulating their minds.

To put it another way, how can a child of five understand mathematics?

Teaching kids their ABCs and 123s is the first step on the road to education. As children mature, they get a more in-depth education. Math is the most foundational and essential topic for a young child of five years old.

Here are several math-related toys for 5-year-olds.

  1. Candlesticks with Extraordinary Powers

The object of this game is for the kid to choose a handful of sticks of varying hues and calculate their total. If you add up the lengths of three yellow sticks and two red sticks, you get five sticks in total. The total must be shown using sticks of varying colours. Also, be sure to include the black card with the extra payment.

The accompanying illustration shows that the total of three yellow sticks and two red sticks equals five blue sticks. In the plack card layout, 3+2=5, the total is 5.

  1. Stickers with a numerical value

In this mathematical plaything, a large board is provided that is already split in half. There are several pictorial sums of addition and subtraction in there. There are plenty of blanks waiting to be filled with the right responses. Stickers with numbers 1 through 10 are shown in the opposite half of the board. The youngster must make the proper selections for each calculation and put the corresponding number stickers.

  1. Having a blast with geometric figures

These maths toys for kids may help you recognize the proper geometric forms as a mathematical aid. A board with several cutouts of various configurations is provided. The board’s drilled holes accommodate a wide variety of connection types. The youngster must examine each form and determine where to place the correct connections.

Construction Bridge Mathematics

Kids may use these mathematical toys to learn about mathematical equilibrium. A bridge with a central support structure has a number line constructed at each of its four corners. All supplied numbers have negligible weights.

The youngster must balance the bridge by attaching the corresponding weights on each side. Ask the kid to put 1 and 2 weights on one side of the bridge and 3 weights on the other to make it balance, assuming you gave them an extra 1 and 2 to make it 3.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of which math learning toys are ideal for a 5-year-old and the advantages of utilizing them, thanks to the information provided above. To a child, math is a cerebral topic. For them, arithmetic is a topic that calls for more care and instruction.

​​Benefits of Mechanical Toys for Children

Your child’s interest and activity levels in playing with mechanics toys will naturally increase if they have one they like. Have you encountered anything similar before? They choose a doll and continue carrying it with them for many weeks. They are not paying attention to any of their other toys, but they are very engaged in any game in which the doll is involved.

You may take advantage of the situation differently if they have lately decided that a mechanical toy is their new favourite one. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Children may improve their problem-solving ability by playing with mechanical hand toy that includes moving parts. For instance, if they have a walking dog and the puppy gets caught behind the sofa, it will force them to figure out a way to free the puppy and come up with a solution. They may even be able to get over their initial annoyance and look for a solution to stop it from occurring again with your assistance, which is a step in the right direction.
  • If you need to click on the toy’s belly or anyplace else to generate the noise, it may help promote the notion of cause and effect. A toy machine that produces intriguing sounds can be exciting for their senses, and if you need to do so, it can also stimulate their senses.
  • If the mechanic toy set is brightly coloured, it will also aid their visual development by increasing the time they can focus on an object visually.
  • If the toy includes a button that can be pressed to turn it on and off, it may have a direct influence on the child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, in addition to stimulating the child’s ability to reason about causes and effects. They will repeatedly push the button and observe how it turns on and off to better understand what is causing it to turn off.
  • Toys that use mechanical parts may help cultivate a feeling of exploration and wonder in children, particularly during their first experiences. They may ponder why something behaves in a certain manner or produces a particular sound, and they can start exploring what occurs when they click in different places. They may also engage in imaginative play with their mechanical hand toy, making it much more interesting. Exhilarating one’s guests at a tea party using a teapot that creates the sound of water boiling may be accomplished by using a teapot that has a whistle.
  • Altering the typical kind of physical play that they engage in by having them pursue a moving mechanical toy that they have to keep up with is a terrific idea. Children may improve their strength, balance, and physical coordination by leaping, skipping, running, and utilizing both their hands and feet when playing with some toys.

Smartivity Most Popular Engineering Toys for Kids

Most parents are looking for educational toys to spark their children’s creativity and curiosity to prepare them for the competitive market. They should be engaging and fun and also should involve engineering concepts to prepare them from early childhood in grabbing a successful professional career. Amidst this, Engineering toys for kids are an excellent and inspiring way to encourage them in studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related subjects. What they are learning in schools is just theoretical subjects, engineering toys for 10-year-old children reinforce and allow them to give practical exposure to the subjects. In this way, they can enhance creativity, imagination, problem-solving skills, and much more.   

Smartivity is the best and leading STEM educational & engineering toy company for children. Available in a wide range of options according to age-specific and educational value. For your ease, we have listed some popular engineering toys for kids from our collection and surely, they will bring smiles to the face of your little scientists.   

Best Engineering Toys for Kids  

  • Microscope Toy– Engage your kids in building their own wooden microscope toy with 100x zoom by giving a simple step-by-step instruction manual. It is really a fun way to learn the concepts about lenses and refraction. It is a carefully crafted and tested kids engineering toy to make education fun and learn about objects that are hardly seen by the naked eye.   

  • Infinity Calendar Organizer Toy- Gift this engineering toy to kids and motivate your children to learn Geneva, Ratchet, and Cam mechanisms while playing. It is a screen-off play and safe to use for children. So, allow them to build a wooden calendar which is a must for every desk.   

  • Mechanical Xylofun Music Machine– Exposing your children to music during early childhood development helps them to learn the sounds and meanings of words. Gift this amazing kids engineering toy to teach your kids how music and notes work together. Along with this, they learn the concepts of gear mechanisms and vibrations.   


Smartivity has a professional team of toy designers who craft Engineering Toy for Kids precisely. The team undergoes extensive research to develop the best engineering toy for kids. They are tested by parents and loved by kids in 30+ countries across the world. So, help your kids in developing the scientific approach to the concepts and understand the basic engineering principles through fun and play.   

Tips and Benefits of Selecting Learning Toys for Kids

Every kid is engaged in a particular type of game according to their age. Even newborn babies love the rattle toys that spark an array of sensory experiences for the baby. The toddlers play with cars, balls, dolls, and kitchen sets and engage their creativity and imagination. Yes, they are naturally born with curiosity and creativity skills. However, engaging their skills in the right direction is what learning toys do.   

Learning toys for kids are specifically designed to experience learning in a fun way. As we are all aware of this fact and even researchers claimed that a kid’s brain is more active while playing. Thus, they have a tendency to grasp the knowledge and concepts in a much better way while playing rather than sitting in a boring classroom. Apart from the technical subjects, kids also learn life skills such as cognitive ability, problem-solving, and critical and analytical thinking.   

Do you want to know more about learning and educational toys? How and what are its benefits? This article will cover all that.   

Stealing Advantages of Learning Toys for Kids   

The learning toys offer numerous benefits in enhancing the child’s mental growth and development. A few of them are listed below: –  

  • Enhances the Development of Motor Skills-  

There are various types of learning toys that are linked to the specific growth of senses. The most common senses that are looked after developing from learning and educational toys include sight, touch and hearing. For instance, learning toys for 4-year-old children have bright and different colors that enhance the sense of sight. On the other hand, some learning toys produce different types of sounds that are focused on enhancing the sense of hearing. In this way, they can enhance their motor skills and would also in turn help in developing their personality and communication skills from early childhood.   

  • Amplify Problem-Solving Skills-  

Learning toys for 6-year-old children such as science lab experiments encourages the children to use their brains fully as they have to follow the step-by-step sequence to get the particular results. The more complicated the puzzle is to solve; the more energy and more thinking will be required from the children. In this way, the child will develop problem-solving skills and can handle real-life problems efficiently in the future.   

  • Encourages Creativity-   

With fun learning toys for kids, there is an opportunity to experience creative designing and building, experimentation, and exploration of things. This encourages the child to grow creativity and curiosity in themselves as well as get practical exposure to theoretical concepts learned in the classroom such as gravity, refraction, trigonometric ratios, etc.   

  • Boost IQ and Improves Cognitive Ability- 

Learning and educational toys are designed to boost the IQ level of your child by enhancing their memory retention, concentration, and developing their motor skills. It also refers to improving their cognitive ability skills by focusing their attention on abstract and critical thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. Thus, learning toys for kids are the bumper packet to develop life skills from early childhood for the betterment of becoming responsible citizens.   

How to Choose the Best Learning Toys for Kids: A Buyer’s Guide to Parents  

With the assortment of choices available for learning toys in the market- Which is the best according to my child’s age or what toys they will like the most are some of the trickiest questions continuously running on a parent’s mind. Feel the same? This guide consists of certain factors that are important to consider while selecting learning toys for kids and helps to choose the best one for your child. So, without any further ado, let’s begin: –  

Select the Toys Based on Your Child’s Interests and Hobbies  

In order to encourage your child to play with the learning toys, you need to consider what your child’s interests and hobbies are. For example, if your child loves astronomy and likes to explore more about space and planets, then building the rocket toy is the ultimate gift to drive their imagination and creativity while learning concepts such as gravity, etc. So, for selecting the perfect toy that your child will learn about, dive deep into their interests and hobbies.   

Look for Age-Appropriate Learning Toys   

Before shopping for any learning toy, pay attention to the age of children suitable for playing. In this way, try to opt for age-appropriate toys so that it won’t be that difficult rather than it’s not too easy and doesn’t involve any problem-solving skills.   

Choose Toys That Promote Social Skills and Collaborative Play   

This is a very important factor to pay attention to. Choosing the learning toys that allow the group of children to play together can easily promote the development of social skills in your child. Also, it helps in learning essential skills such as compromise, teamwork, and negotiations. This results in the development of skills for the future such as problem-solving, and team management.   

Go ahead with Toys That Spark Exploration, Creativity, and Imagination  

Opt for the learning toys that indulge your child is using their creative minds and imaginative power completely. This will promote to development of the life skills that are crucial for the growth of the child. For example, building a microscope toy encourages their creativity in construction and also sparks their exploration to discover how the lenses work.   

Bottom Line!  

The first step that a parent can take in the growth of the child is investing in the perfect learning toy. For inspiration, do check out the Smartivity website. It is the leading platform that provides a huge range of learning and educational toys that makes learning an interesting and fun experience.

Tips to Succeed in Your Medical Entrance Exams in India 

A lucrative salary, a respectful stature in the society, and a chance to serve the community -these are factors that draw the attention of several student all across the country to pursue a successful career in medicine. The young minds across the nation look forward to enrolling in a successful medical career to become efficient and respectful medical professionals.  

In order to achieve the dream, the first step in the pursuit is to inquire about different medical examinations out there. You can also come across lucrative medical courses without NEET. Still, if you opt for clearing dedicated medical examinations, you are expected to be prepared in advance. When you enroll for a series of medical examinations across the country, it will open up doors for a number of reputed medical colleges throughout.  

How to Achieve Success in Medical Entrance Exams in India? 

Every year, thousands of students from different parts of the country sit for high-end medical entrance examinations to fulfill their dreams of a successful medical career. Still, students are increasingly under stress -especially related to the overall course and outcomes. For your ease, we have come up with some effective tips for medical aspirants -even for those opting for medical courses without NEET. 

#Understand the Syllabus 

One of the most important aspects to prepare for a successful medical career is to understand the syllabus in detail -right from the beginning. For most medical entrance exams, you are expected to cover the entire 11th and 12th NCERT course. Therefore, you should aim at including NCERT in your overall preparation to serve as the best reference material out there. 

Some of the common topics that are incorporated into the syllabus of a medical course are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Aptitude. As s student, you should focus on the syllabus while referring to the same for making sure that you are on the right track. 

#Follow a Fixed Study Schedule 

There is no denying the presence of cut-throat competition in the modern medical field -especially in India. Therefore, if you wish to enroll yourself in a reputed medical college or institution, you should be focused and determined right from the start. You should aim at preparing a daily routine for your study. Focus ample self-study time to yourself in addition to spending time at your coaching class. 

Self-evaluation and self-introspection are core aspects when it comes to preparing for medical entrance exams. You should also possess a deeper understanding of your overall strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, it is also important to focus on self-care and entertainment. Therefore, you should take some time out to relax and unwind yourself. 

#Refer to Previous Test Papers and Question Papers 

When you are preparing for the medical competitive exam, it is not sufficient to prepare with only the available study materials. You are also expected to maintain a track of questions papers and test papers of previous exams or years. It will offer proper idea with respect to the pattern of questions asked and how your question paper during entrance exam will appear exactly. 

The rough idea obtained through test papers will help you to be productive throughout. Moreover, it will also impart smart and innovative ideas to crack the exam in the first attempt itself. When you solve relevant questions banks for your medical entrance exam, you will be aware of your level of preparation and how much more you need to prepare. 

#Understand the Fundamentals 

When you have the fundamental concepts clear in your mind, it helps a lot for your exam preparation. Consult with your exam guide or take professional help from IDC -a pioneering provider of unparalleled guidance for competitive exams. When you understand the in-depth aspects of a particular subject, you will not hesitate in attempting any question during entrance exam.  


While there are several academic aspects to preparing for your medical entrance exam, it is equally important to focus on your mental aspect or health in the process. Avoid taking too much stress as it will hamper your preparation. Make it a point to dedicate some time for yourself as you engage in activities you like. All the best!

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