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Indian Railways Ticket Booking Hacks You Should Know About 

Do you wish to ensure Indian Railway reservation online? Indian Railways keeps coming up with new rules & regulations with respect to train ticket booking online and offline services. If you wish to be assured of a seamless journey, it is recommended to know about some helpful Indian Railways train booking tips that can help you go a long way ahead.  

Whether you are using the train ticket booking app or booking your tickets offline, there are several ways in which you can book tickets easily and quickly. There is no denying the fact that booking tickets on Indian Railways can be a difficult process. Due to the high demands in all seasons, it is difficult to get yourself a reserved seat -especially when you are booking 2-3 days prior to the date of travel. 

For your ease, we have come up with interesting hacks to ensure easy and quick Indian Railways train booking: 

  • Log in Before Booking Starts: When you are executing train ticket booking online, you should not aim at losing any precious moment. You can save ample time by logging in before the booking process starts. Log in to the official website of Indian Railways -IRCTC a few minutes before the booking process will commence. At the same time, it is also recommended to log in from a single device to avoid any confusion or mistakes during the booking procedure. 
  • Keep the Details Ready: Upon selecting the seats, when you enter details like personal information and contact information separately, it will increase your chances of losing on confirmed reservations. Someone else with saved personal details can book the seats before you do. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your personal details handy -either in Notepad or WordPad. This allows you to simply copy & paste essential details into the IRCTC website directly.  

You can also think of creating a master list on your IRCTC account -including your personal details like ID card number, type, name, age, berth, and food preference. When you do so, this information can be auto-filled on the respective reservation page. 

  • Save Payment Details: One of the most time-consuming aspects of Indian Railways ticket booking online is completing the payment. You can save your card details to automatically detect information and ensure success in your railway ticket booking. 

Make use of secure and reliable Indian Railways ticket booking hacks to get access to confirmed tickets. 


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